February 1, 2019

Understanding the Technogel Product

As a sidebar to the importance of acquiring hygienic and posture sound sleeping pillows and mattresses, a brief introduction is given to the registered trademark known as Technogel. This is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material that continues to be utilized for a variety of products, other than for the bedroom. It has an extensive list of – let’s just say – firm features that, when purchased, make technogel pillows and mattresses a giant step up in terms of providing its users with improved sleep hygiene and posture.

The motivation for – let’s just say it once more – making a ‘sound choice’ in terms of correct bedroom settings that go beyond the selection of just the bed’s mattress and its bed clothes, has everything to do with ultimately improving the person’s health and achieving overall health and wellness. Not being able to enjoy that perfect night’s sleep can have negative health implications, sometimes even resulting in illness for those who are both physically and emotionally vulnerable.

Over the years, whether sinking into bed at night, or settling into a living room couch or easy chair, the perception has been that the softer the bed or chair, the more comfortable it will be. But it is nothing of the kind. Sit on a couch for a prolonged period of time and you will notice soon enough, if you are prepared to make an observance of this, just how restless and uncomfortable you start to feel.

technogel pillowsTechnogel material is the result of a formula

And in any case, you were not meant to be sitting for such lengthy periods.

It is firmness that offers you more comfort. Not only that, but better back and neck posture as well. The Technogel material is the result of a formula that was patented by the German research group, Bayer Material Science. From that, a licensed agreement was formulated, allowing the first Technogel company to manufacture, use and sell products developed from the material.

The material is described as a unique soft to solid material. It is non-toxic and stable made up of a polyurethane substance originally manufactured for use within the health services industry. It has what is known as 3D deformation properties, able to combine the fluid and memory shape properties of a solid body.

Technogel is hypo-allergenic and has no smell. It has already been highlighted that it has shape memory. But it is non-flammable and plasticizer free. Never expanding with air, it remains compact in shape. The material is stable and can last for a long time. Significantly, it can adapt to body shape. The 3D pressure distribution system supports comfort and softness, if desired.

The article on the Technogel material was given its impetus in reminding readers of the importance of healthy and/or correct sleep hygiene and posture, an area of the human body’s physical and mental health that has often been overlooked out of sheer ignorance and/or blatant neglect. In briefly describing the Technogel material, a brief account of its origins and characteristics was provided, alongside the listing of some of its significant features.