February 6, 2019

How to make a Western Belt

Say what you will about the old west, the Cowboys had an incredible fashion sense. Whether it was their boots, hats, or gun beltsÂ… when you saw someone wearing one of those in a movie, it meant something big was about to happen. While they aren’t used to holster six-shooters anymore, western belts for both adults and Kids western belts are still a grand way to enter a room.

They are mostly made from leather and can be easily homemade without shooting holes in your wallet. Measure your belt size and record the measurement, and then grab a piece of leather. It’s common to use vegetable tanned leather as it is the easiest to work with, and cut a straight line into the leather.

Then feed the leather into a strap cutter, taking it slow and steady. Once you have a strip that is the length you desire, then use one of your old belts and take a look at where all the holes are. Measure the length and then trace the holes on the leather to give yourself something to cut.

Kids western belts

Punch the holes out of the leather and form the tail end of the material into a curved edge, just like on a traditional belt. Attach the buckle to the end, and then start punching belt holes and shaping the end of the belt. Create the belt loop that will hold it in place and ensure that it can wrap around one side of the belt.

Finally, you can dye the belt using a number of store-bought dyes, or you can make your own from ingredients around the house. Just brush the dye onto it, like you are using a paint brush, and then blow use a heat gun to ensure it is dry.