February 6, 2019

Fun & Interesting Facts About the Seattle Seahawks

Lloyd W. Nordstrum was the first Seattle Seahawks team owner. Sadly, Nordstrom passed away before he’d ever get to see his team take to the field. On January 20, 1976, he passed away from a heart attack, eight months shy of the team’s first game. Want To know more interesting facts about the Seahawks? Keep reading!

Before a Miami based club owner chose the Seahawks moniker for the team, there were a variety of other names on the table. Some of the choices included the Seattle Running Salmon, the Seattle Rainbeams, and the Washington Georges. Thank goodness for this Miami club owner’s common sense!

seahawks onesie

The Sea and the Sea! Did you know that the Seattle Seahawks are the only team that has the same first three letters in their city and team name? It is a pretty neat fact if you really think about things. Most people do not really give this tidbit of information a second thought, however.

If there’s a mini Seahawks fan in your life, tons of items are available to help them showcase their love of the team. It is never too early to start providing Seahawks memorabilia to the little ones. You can buy a seahawks onesie for the baby, jersey for the toddler, and flags for the older kids. There’s tons of Seahawks-related garb to choose from for the kids. You can never create a Seattle fan too early!

There is no question you want these items for your little ones. Seahawks fans are loyal to their team. In fact, in 2013, the team set a world record in the Guinness Book of World Records for loudest crowd roar ever set in a stadium. Seattle fans are not surprised by the least at this winning accomplishment that was set. One scientist has said the roar at the stadium is similar to the magnitude of an earthquake! Go team go!