February 11, 2019

Clean And Sustainable Rags In More Ways Than One

Rags used for cleaning and mopping up are already helping its users to be sustainable in the home or workplace. Perhaps it is not so much the wiping rags that are being allowed to enjoy the glory here. Perhaps it’s the users who deserve to take credit for what they are using the rags for in the first place. It is the very action of cleaning that is a sustainable development. No amount of wasted electricity is being used.

wiping rags

No argument about that. When cleaning operations are under way, electricity is still being wasted. Because if you are that thorough and you do your cleaning inspection you will soon see that there’s still a lot left to be desired. Vacuum cleaners do not get to all those hard to reach corners. You still need to move furniture around, bend those knees and use some more of that elbow grease. And while you are doing all of that, you are using wiping or cleaning rags.

Not vacuum cleaners. They suck, but in a different way. And the funny thing is – or is this tragic – they don’t seem to make vacuum cleaners like they used to in the old days. Because these vacuum cleaners are made in – never mind where – and they never seem to last long. They seem to keep on breaking down. But not cleaning rags. They don’t break. Ever. They are strong and durable materials. The only way you could ever get it right to break your rags, rip them to shreds, is if you were able to use the strength of Sampson.

And nobody’s got that, right? And while redundant vacuum cleaners get tossed onto landfills, the materials used to make those wiping rags are being reclaimed.